Let The Miracles Begin – Here is My Solo Mom Insemination Prayer

When I started fertility treatment in November 2010 I had no idea how hard it would be emotionally.

It took 4 tries before I got pregnant. Looking back now I feel very lucky, because I have heard about and met many women who have been trying for years.

Unfortunately I have also met women who have completely given up on becoming a mother.

At times I really felt like Bambi on ice.

I felt very vulnerable, but was lucky enough to have some good friend to take care of me.

When I think back on the whole process of becoming a mother, I now consider the months when I was actively in fertility treatment as the most difficult.

One of the things that I developed to get through the process whole heartedly is this insemination prayer. I read the prayer out loud before I was inseminated the 3rd and 4th time.

Signe Fjords Insemination Prayer….

“I am truly grateful for the help I am receiving to become pregnant with my love child. I am grateful that the sperm donor has allowed his sperm to be a part of this process and create a new life. I also thank the sperm donor’s ancestors for meeting with my ancestors and for allowing us to now create a new life with our combined power and genes in the most optimal way.

I am thankful for the midwife’s expertise and for all who are involved with this insemination.

I am grateful for the Universe’s supportive power. I pray that the result of this insemination is the conception of a physically and mentally healthy and happy child.

May the optimal sperm cell be guided to meet my egg.

May the journey of the sperm cell from sperm donor to my egg be a journey in flow, harmony, love and optimal circumstances.

May my egg feel safe, loved and appreciated so that it comfortably opens itself to and welcomes the sperm cell. May all this happen so my love child is conceived.

May all this happen for the highest best at the right time and place for souls and conscious beings.

I thank for the love, awareness, attention and wisdom that has chosen to be a part of the process.

I pray that my soul, my child’s soul and the sperm donor’s soul be blessed and that our holy powers are united with honor.

Let the miracles begin”.

Signe Fjord 2011

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