Being single is not a disease – you are just spermless

This post is about the choice between a public or private fertility clinic. I have experienced receiving fertility treatment at both a public and a private fertility clinic in Denmark.

I have discovered several advantages when using a private midwife clinic.

First of all, I have been so fortunate as to have my midwife inseminate me at home in my own bed.

I have also had a lot more influence on the insemination process itself, and the clinic does not require that I have an ovulation injection.

I preferred the process to be as natural as at all possible and would therefore like to avoid using an ovulation stimulus.

My experience with my private midwife made me feel like I was a woman who simply needed some sperm, which I had delivered straight from the sperm bank.

I even got to open the package with dry ice, unwrap the container with sperm
and get it ready for defrosting. The further I got with my fertility treatment, the
more important it became to influence how things were done.

When you are at a public hospital it is easy to feel like something is wrong,
like you are a patient, and that often results in your feeling like you are losing
control of the insemination process.

Another big difference when considering a private midwife fertility clinic vs. a public fertility clinic is how after each insemination I was able to stay at the private clinic, lying down for half an hour in peace and quiet.

I could enjoy my own music and the candles I brought too.

To me it has been very important to be able to have it on my own terms, as opposed to having to adjust to the usual procedures of a hospital.

Being single is not a disease – you are just spermless….

My midwife got it!

I look forward to the day when the doctors get it 😉 

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