Everyone Should be Entitled to Create the Type of Family that Suits Them

In my job as a coach and a therapist I see many people who are facing issues with their biological family…

Apart from that, very few of the people I know exclusively live in a harmonious and idyllic family.

Some do!

I see many who keep up appearances and avoid talking about agreed infidelity, children who have a different father than what they believe, a family member who suffers from a
mental illness or an alcoholic family member, etc.

Simply because they want their life to look perfect on the outside.

I also know of many women, who in their mid-30’s choose to become pregnant with their current boyfriend because of a strong wish to have a child, even though they know that this relationship will not last long-term.

More than one woman in her mid-30’s has also told me:

‘…but he is such a good donor’

So they live with this man for some years until it becomes unbearable.

Maybe this relationship was never based on a grand sensation of being in love and maybe the desire to have a child ended up overshadowing the romance and let the practical aspects take over.

I believe that everyone should be entitled to live the life they want, and create the type of family that suits them.

I really hope you will do what is best for you…..









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