Treat Your Bras Like Royalty – Happy Solo Mom Easter Challenge 2017

6 months ago my daughter and I moved to a new apartment.

It was brand new when we moved in.

It is on the 5 floor and it has a great view.

It is tiny, we just have one room each, a toilet, a small kitchen integrated into the living room.

Kind of New York’er style I guess.

It is perfect for the two of us.

Before our move I was a bit stressed out about all of the belongings we had.

I prayed for help and somehow heard about the Japanese “tidying goddess” Marie Kondo. I read her first book and just listened to her second book as a audio book this week.

Marie Kondo said “treat your bras like royalty”.

I was almost a sleep when I heard it, but jumped out of bed and rearranged all my underwear. I gave my bras this basket. For now…. I’m not sure if it is “royal enough” for them 😉

Here is my Easter Challenge for you!

Study Marie Kondo on youtube and start treating your bras like royalty.

Let’s see where it takes you.

I love love love the journey.

90% of our belongings did not make it to our new home. Now we only keep things that Spark Joy for us.

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