I’m so proud to call myself Mother – Solo mother

Guest blog by Nadia Witt, a Danish Solo Mom:

It was a lot harder finding out the possibilities women have, when I stared looking into the solo motherhood.

The thing that helped me out the most, was defiantly the e-book:

Solo Mom to a Donor Child – The Decision – It really answered most of my questions.

Luckily there is a lot more focus on donor children today, so it’s a lot easier to get knowledge about.

I’m so proud to call myself Mother – Solo mother

I made the decision in May 2013 that I wanted children NOW, and that was going to be by myself. I have always wanted to have kids before I turned 30. I hit the big 30 in November 2013, so I didn’t get wish granted.

Despite that I have two lovely girls, which I gotten at the age 31 and 32. That could not be more perfect for me.

I’ve never had a boyfriend, whom I thought of having children with. Therefore I chose to have children now, and set the project boyfriend on standby.

My dreams about family have always been mommy and children, not necessary mom, dad and children.

Our life could not be any better than what it is right now. No one knows what our future brings.

I have conceived my girls with the help from the same sperm donor. Zoe is 2 years old and Haley is 7 months old.

They are each other’s best friends, and being able to give my oldest daughter a baby sister, is the best thing I could ever give her.

It’s really obvious to me how much happiness they bring to one another. It’s a good feeling knowing that they’ll have each other, if anything should ever happen to me.

When I was pregnant with my oldest girl, it was very hard for me, telling people who weren’t close to me, that I was expecting a donor child. I had not made it official anywhere.

After I gave birth, was when I chose to write it out, for everyone to see.

Would I do it different now?

I don’t know, but at that time it was what was best for me.

I was probably afraid of what others might think and that only weird women chose the have kids this way.

Even though I know that that’s not true, it was just easier, and maybe that has something to do with my confidence.

If you ask me today, I’m proud to say that I have two donor children, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

I got the confidence the minute I gave birth to tell the world that I had a donor child.

Today I feel like, that spreading knowledge about donor mothers and their possibilities are one of the most important messages that I can tell.

I love to tell my story and coach other women to take a choice that can change their lives forever.

In the last part of my pregnancy I said yes, to have a cameraman following me, for a documentary for the Danish “Kanal 4” about solo mothers. I was very honored to be asked and proud to get to tell my story, and hopefully inspire other women.

I fell like I have so much to say and I love the share my experiences.

That is why I have chosen to have a vlog on YouTube, where I weekly upload videos of our life. I truly hope you’ll watch it!

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