Usual Excuses and Worries: #4 – My Home (Anne’s story)

Anne says:

”I lived in a 75 sq. meter ( 807 sq. ft.) apartment on the 4th floor when I had Johan.

It was tough carrying everything up and down those stairs, but on the other hand I was so fortunate to have a great network of neighbors who would help me out in many situations.

Johan did not have his own room.

His bed was in my bedroom, and his toys were in the living room, and that worked out just fine.

After a few years I wanted to live at ground level plus have a small yard, so we moved to a really beautiful house just outside Copenhagen.

Day-to-day life has become more convenient. Groceries no longer have to be carried very far, and both of us truly enjoy the yard.

Having tried both (i.e. apartment and house) I will definitely recommend a place with a small yard, but I enjoyed our time in the apartment too.”

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