Praise for Solo Mom to a Donor Child – The Decision:

Ole Schou – CEO of Cryos International (Sperm Bank). Dec., 2011:
”Through the past years we have witnessed a large increase in the number of single women that choose to start a family with help from donor sperm. These women are well-educated and well established – perhaps their focus has been on their careers and the right time for children arrives at a later time in their lives. Their ”biological clock ”is ticking and with ”Prince Charming” nowhere in sight they take matters into their own hands. This book makes it much easier for other women in the same situation to navigate through this difficult and sometimes turbulent decision making process. Only someone who has been through the process and experienced it first hand with mind, body and soul can describe the issue so excellently. An extraordinarily fine piece of pioneer work!”

Mette Fersum, Associate Professor, Danish Library Center (DBC). Feb., 2012: “Generally the book covers the topic well with mange descriptions of the many different problems that may arise .There are a lot of emotions in the book, but they are described in a matter-of-fact manner combined with encouragement for the reader to make their own considerations and decision.”

Pernille. June 26th, 2012: “I highly recommend reading this book. It is fantastic and answers all your questions – even the ones you didn’t know you had.”

Christina, School Teacher, 35. July, 2012: “I am in the middle of reading Signe and Anne’s fantastic book. It is simply so well written, inspiring  and wonderfully un-sentimental. I am so pleased that I got my hands on it.”

Bendte, Retired Nurse. Dec., 2011: “Exciting and interesting reading. I was captivated and surprised. Good personal cases. A lot of honesty about a sensitive topic that you describe thoroughly.”

Per, Father of four. Dec., 2011: “An impressive, touching and solid piece of work.”