Who Is Picking Me Up? (e-book)

Children’s book about family structures by Signe Fjord, illustrated by Sune Watts (e-book)

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There are many ways to be a family. This children’s book follows the computer Rufus’ first working day in kindergarten. Rufus has an amazing memory, and his job is to remember who picks up each child. Rufus is initially a bit stiff and old-fashioned, but quickly becomes overwhelmed and crashes spectacularly!

The children update Rufus about modern family constellations, and he becomes much more tolerant and understanding of the many different family structures that exist.

The purpose of this book is to make every reader feel equal, and part of a real family, no matter what his or her family structure is.

Use this book as inspiration to discuss the different family structures with children. Let the child tell about his or her own family. Find a family in the book that resembles your own, and spark a conversation.

30 pages illustrated with vibrant and happy illustrations, written in easily read-aloud language. All the children in this book are content in themselves and their family structure.

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The following family structures are represented in the book:

  • Nuclear family
  • Divorced 7-7
  • Mum-mum
  • Co-parents or platonic parents
  • Divorced family with new partners and new sibling
  • Single-parent adopter
  • One parent has passed away
  • Solo mum
  • Dad has left
  • Dad-dad

Download Who Is Picking Me Up?

E-book, readable on tablet, smartphone, computer and e-reader. The book is delivered in PDF format, A4 size, so it is easily printable if you so wish.

The team behind this book
Signe Fjord (born 1974): Solo mum of Zinelle (born 2012).
Master of Law, coach and consultant on well-considered family formation. Lecturer and author of the books ‘Solo mom to a donor child – the decision’, and ‘Mommy and the love child – a solo-mom-child-family is created’.

Sune Watts (born 1972): Single dad.
BA (Hons) Illustration from the Glasgow School of Art.
Has drawn for several Danish national newspapers, television and large publications. He now primarily illustrates children’s books and magazines.


»A charming, generous, delightful book that wraps its arms around every child and recognizes that today’s families come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.«
Bella DePaulo, Ph.D., author of ‘Singled Out: How Singles Are Stereotyped, Stigmatized, and Ignored, and Still Live Happily Ever After’*

»’Who is picking me up?’ is a wonderful, modern story of families. Rufus the computer needs to know who is picking up each child in the class. At first, he is confused by the unconventional families, but after an upgrade, he catches up and embraces the myriad of family structures represented in this book. Single moms by choice, same sex, divorced, blended etc.
Every possible family type is represented in a way that helps children value and understand their own unique family and the families they see around them.
A great book for preschools and daycares to help introduce the concept of family in the broadest possible sense. A delightful book.«
Sarah Kowalski, Author, ‘Motherhood Reimagined: When Becoming a Mother Doesn’t Go as Planned’


»Super good book which in a fun and easy manner delivers the message to children (and many adults too!) about the many ways, you can be a parent. Of course, biological parents feature, but modern reality can differ, and both Rufus and others may struggle to understand this.
The book’s point is clear: it is most important that the children are cared for, wanted, and loved. The classic nuclear family is becoming less dominant, and is not a necessity longer for happiness.«
Ole Schou, director, Cryos International, august 2017
Part time dad.


»The new children’s book ‘Who is picking me up?’ authored by Signe Fjord, is amazing. It explains the many family structures in modern society. It is handsomely illustrated, and is carried by a sweet story, so it is all explained beautifully for children. I am just crazy about it.«
Jasmin Sommer Alsholm, Donor child and founder of the Danish facebook group, Donorchild – Sperm donor – Egg donor, which at time of writing has more than 4.000 members.
Mother, raised in nuclear family.


»I just read it aloud for our daughter of 7.5 years and her friend of 8.5 years of age. I was just dumbstruck, what a great talk we had. Our family is represented on several pages. The friend’s family was on several pages, too. The girls both knew solo mothers with children, and they knew refugee children. Just an awesome discussion. Thank you for a fine book«
Lesbian couple, with a shared donor child and a child from earlier relationship.

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